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Money Folders is a software tool that allows you to gain control over your finances! It assists you in implementing an Envelope style budgeting system where you control your money instead of the other way around. Most budgets fail! Most people start budgeting with the best of intentions. They are going to set aside money for that vacation they have been dreaming of or control how much they are spending eating out at restaurants. They sit down with the calculator, pen and paper and meticulously draw out a budget where every cent is accounted for and every bill is listed. Two months later the budget is in the trash or otherwise forgotten. It's not their fault! Traditional budgets are destined to fail! The problem with traditional budgets is that they are reactive by design. You don't really know how you did adhering to your budget until you have already busted the budget. What is needed is a pro-active budgeting solution. That is where Money Folders saves the day. Money Folders utilizes the "Envelope" style of budgeting. The idea is that every possible expense will have it's own envelope or folder. You can think of the folder as what a "category" would be in a normal budget. In a traditional envelope budget, you would place cash inside of each envelope each pay day. Then as you needed to purchase items or pay bills, you would remove cash from the envelope and place the receipt for that item inside. With this methodology it is very easy to see when your cash is low in any given envelope, and when the cash is gone you are done with that category. Using this method you cannot bust the budget. If your "Eating Out" envelope is empty then you cannot eat out again until you get paid and replenish the envelope. Money Folders brings the "Envelope" budgeting system into the modern, mostly cashless society. Traditional envelope budgets fall apart when you start utilizing your debit or credit card for purchases or have direct deposit paychecks. We make it easy!

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